the biochemGazettE: Lipids vid Review

This Vid is hella Kawaii!!! Alright enough of that so what did I learn is that Lipids, physical sate is determined by its composition, therefore saturated fatty acids are solid at room temp, because they posses no C=C and are called oils. While unsaturated fatty acids has one or more C=C bonds which forms a kink thus making them unlinear and not able to be compact as saturated fatty acids, therefore they are liquids at room temperature and are called oils.

So, this vid was good for the basic of lipids but it lacked major information as in

1. that all lipids are water hating ie hydrophobic.

2. they are stored as fat in us for energy use.

3. also how they are use in our bodies, in our cell membranes as phospholipids, steriods  and hormones.

4. no mention of different types of lipids, phospholipids, triglycerides, glycerolipids etc.

5. also no mention how we get the bad trans fat, they are cis-trans fats. They arise from Hydrogenation that is the addition of hydrogen  While unsaturated is cis, same side.


So what was new I learned from Mr. Hokage is Delta designation…


We always start from the carboyxlic acid end and count the no. of carbon atoms from there, so in this molecule it is =14

Then we see how much C=C there are in this fatty acid there is only 1

Finally we find the position of that said C=C, which is carbon 9.

thus Delta Designation of this fatty acid is 14: 1(Δ 9).

So jus my tibits on Lipids, fatty acids and all the food we UWI students consume…lol


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