the biochemGazettE: Chron’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease…hmmmm…well actually I remembered this disease name cause of the advert I saw of it on tv, they kept showing a lady who always saw the bathroom sign, well good thing I did gave me my secondo (luffy voice)Published Paper review…so lets get to it!

Crohn’s  Disease is one that affects our digestive, specifically inflammation of the lining of the digestive system. It may affect both large and small intestines but as seen below it affects mostly the ileum and colon.


The symptoms of this disease as it affects our digestive lining , maybe sparatic or prolonged diarrhea, abdominal pain, fatigue and weight loss due to malnutrition, because absorption of water and important nutrients occur in these part of the system.In some extreme cases rupturing of intestines may occur due to the swelling and inflammation that can cause blockages. However, there times of calm between flare ups.

Crohn’s disease is not specific to sex or age, but it usually is seen in the range of 20-30 yrs. There is neither specificity to a particular race or region, but its has been more predominant in the Jewish population, in contrast to those of African descent.

What causes Crohn’s Disease? Well actually their hasn’t been identified. But, there is indication that it is genetically linked, from parents who may be carries or have had the disease. Basically what occurs in this disease the immune system is over reactive and in a a way attacking it’s own body, causing the inflammation and damage. In addition diet also plays  a part as the disease is more prevalent in westernized countries.

Is there a cure? Sadly no, but most patients undergo surgery to repair the damage done and there are also , also Corticosteroids, Asprin and fibre supplement are recommended. It also recommended that people who has this disease stay away from foods that can make their diarrhea.

I would say this disease is not a nice one, and I hope that a cure hopefully can be found soon.

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the biochemGazettE: Folic Acid do you need it or not…

So, Folic Acid…what is it, why do we need it and where can we get it?

Folic acid is a part of the B complex of vitamins, it’s naturally occurring form is folate found in many foods. So why do we need it, because it helps with red blood cells synthesis and production of muy importante( very important ppl) chemicals for DNA formation. It’s primary function is as a ONE carbon donor.And how does it do this… (folate) achieves this by transferring of a single methyl group in the form of S-adenosyl-methionine a methyl donor in various biochemical processes.

here are the intricate details

  • Amino acid serine reacts with tetrahydrofolate to form 5, 10-methylenetetrahydrofolate (this is the one that participates in DNA synthesis)
  • Then a methyl group is donated to cobalamin (B12) by the 5,10-methylenetetrahydroforate>>>>methylenecobalamin.
  • With the aid of enzyme methionine synthase, the methylenecobalamin donates a methyl group to the amino acid metabolite homocysteine. This is then converted to the aa methionine (a nonopolar aliphatic aa and also a essential aa)
  • Finally methionine is converted to S-adenosyl-methionine (SAMe), a methyl donor used in many biochemical processes.

My moms a midwife and I always hear her talking about  her ‘adventure filled days’ at work…eh…and well she always say that Folic acid is very important for women during their pregnancies, because it help with spinal and brain development. ok, so silly me never thought that I would need it but that’s far from it, all of us need to have the required amount of folic acid intake which is for adults and kids over 11yrs 20μg and for those who wanna be mothers 200μg and a folate supplement containing 400μg, for the soon to be and breast feeding mommies 300μg and 260μg respectively. However, if we don’t get enough folic acid what happens? Well bad things can happen such as anameia, fatigue depression, insomia and the list goes on.  These can arise form either too little or too much folic acid in case like cancer drugs that interfere with folic acid absorption, dialysis, breast-feeding. Just as some of the these deficiencies arise just taking in the proper amount of folic acid can help alleviate the symptoms as in the cases with Anemia, breat feeding, intestinal diseases, gum disease and even in obesity…wow never would of seen the connection there, it breakdowns the fats, and mental problems very important for us Uni students cause ah know I hope is just not me does feel like am gonna lose it in that place…lol

On a side note for girls and maybe boys I also heard and found out that it help with hair loss and strengthening too. Fab for me the hair changes going on am not enjoying…:(

Well kids there you have it the what is it, why do we need folic cid published paper review, I learned some new things and I hope you did too and that we should all be checking up on our folic acid intake.

Ja-mata ne

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