the biochemGazettE: Real uses

So just wanted to show how we use enzymes in our everyday lives besides in us….there everywhere especially in production of the foods we eat. Today we’re gonna look at how it is used in in Cheese production.

So in the cheese production the enzyme Lipase is used to give a creamy-texture and rich flavour to either hard or soft cheese, whithout losing that dairy taste. So what is lipase and how does it do this?

” Lipase is an enzyme that catalyzes the formation or cleavage (hydrolysis) of fats (lipids)”. What Lipase does it attach to the fat globes of the raw milk and break them down, which then causes the fatty acids to be released. The  fatty acids then in turn creates the aroma, texture and sharp taste common (and desired) in most Italian cheeses, as well as some Feta and Blue Cheeses. Lipases are present in the milk itself. But, most of it is lost in the process so additional lipase is needed they come from kids, lambs or calves.

So fun fact about how we get the good tasting cheese…



Curd-Nerd. ” Lipase- A helpful busy little enzyme”


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