the biochemGazettE: Nucleic Acids.

So what are Nucleic Acids and what do they have to do with use…..well nucleic acids are OUR LIVES! Basically, they are what makes us, you us….DNA and RNA, they are the one of the most important macro molecules.

So DNA( deoxyribonucleic acid, meaning it lacks a oxygen) vs RNA(ribonucleic acid)….

dna vs rna


So what are the differences in function and composition between these two


Structure DNA has a helical structure, this is due to hydrogen bonding between the base pairs in DNA these are:

1. Thymine to Adenine

2. Cytosine to Guanine

Thymine and Cytosine are pyrimidines, while Guanine and Adenine are purines.

References: “Nucleic Acid”

diffen. ” DNA vs RNA”


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